A Caribbean Cruise or Honeymoon?

caribbean cruise shipThe turquoise waters shimmer up at you from your perch at the rails of the Caribbean cruise lines ship and you shout and cheer along with the other thousands of passengers at the fabulous port of call. The white sand beaches beckon so you take the guided excursion tour off your Caribbean cruise lines ship and thus begins your adventure.

Salsa and calypso music and drums compete for attention as you walk the picturesque streets of Old San Juan, part of the capital city that has been restored and is basically the same as it was hundreds of years ago. The buildings and churches that you see everywhere in Old San Juan are Colonial style and harken back to the days of Spanish conquistadors. The old fort, El Morro, stands guard as the sentinel of San Juan bay and its proud turrets are reminders of a time when pirates roamed the seas in search of treasure and cities to plunder.

When in Old San Juan you will likely be led by your intrepid guide to the Bacardi rum factory tour and just be forewarned: you will be served lots of icy rum drinks. They may taste harmless but a few of these puppies will have you reeling if you are not used to alcohol. But when the temperature outside is 100 degrees with 90 degrees humidity it is hard to resist an icy slushy mixed drink like a rum punch, daiquiri, or pina colada. Some of the tours are long and you will be walking for a while, so wear comfortable shoes.

In the early evening you may have a chance to go to the San Juan Hotel which is located right on the beach. They have several great bars and lounges where you can catch a local band or DJ and dance with the locals and tourists late into the night. Be careful you don’t stay too long. You need to be back on the ship before it leaves so be mindful of the departure times. The ship will not wait for anyone as they are on a tight schedule. Many stranded Caribbean cruise lines travelers have had to pay for airfare back to Miami because they missed the boat’s scheduled departure time.

Once back on the Caribbean cruise lines ship you will find yourself pampered to excess by the friendly staff, activities directors, and world-class chefs. Meals are never a problem as there are almost always buffets laid out somewhere on the boat. There are scheduled times for meals at the different on-board restaurants where you can order something special like lobster or steak.

A Caribbean honeymoon is a very cost-effective honeymoon destination. While other locations in the South Pacific or Mediterranean have risen in popularity recently, a couple of things haven’t changed about them – namely, the cost and travel time. For many American couples, heading to the Caribbean can be done in under 5 hours. The Caribbean has long been destination for newlyweds, and so there exists a very mature tourism and hospitality industry that competes internally to provide you with the very best experience and the best price. Remember, your honeymoon is coming right on the heels of perhaps the most expensive day of your life (your wedding). Finding an affordable Caribbean honeymoon can go a long way in assisting your relaxation.

Many locations in the South Pacific are limited in their amenities and activities. The Caribbean honeymoon consists of multiple islands and adventures. As mentioned above, the Caribbean has served as a highly popular vacation destination for many more years, meaning a larger infrastructure is in place for tourists, honeymooners or otherwise. Scuba diving, golf, horseback riding, beach sports, day cruises and even bungee-jumping are all available for your Caribbean honeymoon.

Whatever you like, life on board a Caribbean cruise lines ship is never dull or boring. With all of the endless on board activities and wonderful ports of call, a cruise ship vacation could be just the thing for you and your family. Bon voyage!