Australian Fake ID Website Still Running

Almost 3 years after Victoria Police first started their investigation into Melbourne based Fake ID website Fakies Australia, it has been revealed that all fake id charges have been dropped. At a recent hearing at the Melbourne Magistrates Court police withdrew all charges against the company stating they received advice from the Victorian Legal Counsel that the website was not in fact breaking any fake id laws.

The website which has been featured on Ten News, The Age and Herald Sun is still operating. It has a large disclaimer at the top of the website stating: “None of the fake id cards offered for sale on are government documents or government issued. None of the Australian¬†Fake ID cards ordered from are to be used or presented as identification. By purchasing any of our products you agree to not attempt to use them in any fraudulent manner. All Fake ID cards are strictly for novelty use. *Fake ID is a generic term and has no implicit meaning”
Victoria Police could not be reached for comment. Fakies Australia could not be reached for a comment.