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Blue Mountains Outdoor Adventures

Blue Mountains Adventures

If you are ever in Sydney, Australia, there is one place you will need or must visit, it’s got to be the popular Blue Mountains.

Since much of the mountain range is now a protected area that contains parks and is a popular tourist destination for hiking, climbing and canyoning, you might consider taking a trip down to this national park and experience, in your own words.

Visiting the Blue Mountains National Park is one way to experience what Sydneys west has to offer. This beautiful well-preserved wilderness in undeveloped destinations that stretches over 11,400 square klms has everything you may need to get away from the big city and enjoy the great outdoors and perhaps even take part in some outdoor adventue activites.

If you love hiking and horseback trailing, some of the tours available tours will leave you breathless and looking forward to doing it all over again. With hundreds of miles to enjoy these activities in addition to many wilderness camping areas, get to enjoy tranquility and nature at its best.

Canyoning in the blue mountains can be a great way to spend the day, you can abseil down waterfalls, wade through rivers, and shuffle along rocky ledges, you are certain to have an amazing experience.
Blue Mountains adventures are for all ages and finesses, take a 3 day hike and camp under the stars, abseil down some real scary cliff faces, or try rock climbing for an hour or two, all under the supervision of your qualified guide of course! there are so many activities for the visitor you really could try something different every day of your visit!

Wedding speeches made easy

So, you’ve been asked to give a speech at a wedding.

Congratulations! The Bride and Groom have paid you a huge compliment. They’ve asked you to be an integral part of their big day.

Where do you start? Here are a few suggestions to help you prepare and deliver a speech that will be long remembered by the happy couple and all of the guests.

Ask the Bride and Groom what they want you to cover in your speech. Continue reading

Numismatic Coins



This Australia Kangaroo Gold Coin was shot on a black background and held with a white glove.The term numismatics is actually a subsidiary study on the information that is contained in coins. The numismatic study of a coin seeks to identify the history of a coins origin by determining the place of issue, date of issue, the sovereign that issued it and also the value it carried during its use. The information that is obtained from these coins is then used to pinpoint the political, social and economy structure that the coin was placed in.

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Solving your printer problems

Printers: Can’t live with them, can’t nuke them. You could always toss a misbehaving inkjet or laser out the window, but where would that leave you? Truth be told, we need our printers, despite their maddening quirks. Here’s a saner idea: Take a deep breath, channel your inner tech support rep, and repair that which has failed you. (Cue sitar.)

We’ve listed the 10 biggest printer annoyances — of course, your Top 10 list may vary — and ways to fix them.

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Will the Australian Government VET FEE-HELP scheme change?

The VET FEE-HELP industry has exploded in the last 5 years with the number of Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) increasing, not to mention the amount of broker services that have sprung up to market and feed student enrollments into.

There is also some great quality little boutique online colleges that offer excellent advisor support to students. Tri Training Online College is one of those. They provide dedicated course advisers and job finding assistance. They have a great array of online diploma courses and are also VET FEE-HELP Online Courses. On the flip side, there are also some less than scrupulous providers that have come under scrutiny of late. Continue reading

The best wedding photography locations in Australia

Australia is synonymous for captivating and photogenic locations. so therefore if you’re tying the wedding knot at any point in the near future, here are a couple hypnotizing spots to consider.

Hyde Park, Sydney: Though it sounds a bit cliche, yet the Hyde Park in Sydney is a quintessential Sydney spot and photos are basically in wonder at these spots. The trails and fountains here are shot perfectly, be it the night or day and the immortal CBD landmarks makes their capturing vicinity felt in the photos.

Government Park, Balmain, New South Wales: The Federal Park is home to some legendary spots like the Harbor Bridge, World Heritage Site, Opera House and a couple of others. Without a doubt, Sydney is home to a thorough array of photogenic and grand settings for your ceremony. When you are in Sydney, you absolutely can’t pass up a major opportunity for the Federal Park which is cited in Balamain, an inter-west suburban area. Picture takers have a delightful time covering the ANZAC Bridge shots and the CBD horizon.

Vaucluse, New South Wales: Vaucluse is very wealthy and houses hundreds of advanced and also exotic urban structures and abundance of estate. Couples of these estate churn out millions in real estate makers. This Sydney suburb is around 8 kilometers far from CBD and has capturing scenes and landscapes with abundance views of of McKell Park, Macquarie Lighthouse, Chris Bang Crescent and Green Point Reserve.

Barossa Valley, South Australia: The striking Barossa Valley is an unceasingly mainstream spot for lover birds and would-be lover birds. The wine center here is overflowing with some swish yet natural backgrounds that makes your photographing experience an unforgetable one.

Treasury and Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne, Victoria: If you need your ceremony photographs to be abundant with greenery, then Treasury Gardens is a great option. Wedding photography in Fitzroy Gardens in Melbourne is the ideal spot for your big day.  You don’t require a permit and there is so much foliage to use as a background that it’s sure to look stunning. Both gardens are cited off the Wellington Parade of the famous Melbourne Central Business District.

Shire of Augusta-Margaret River, Western Australia: The Shire of Augusta-Margaret River is home to little plantations and family vineyards and additionally the Leeuwin Naturaliste National Park and the Geographe Bay. Thus, your wedding photographs are certain to have that touch of some extraordinary beatifications.

Fremantle, Western Australia: Freemantle in Perth is yet another hypnotizing area for some great photos of your ceremony. Perth is additionally home to the serene Swan River and its quieting landscape. Drive further around 20 kilometers toward the southwest and you will be fascinated with the magnanimous heritage building design that makes Freemantle a paradise for wedding photography lovers.

Western Australian fishing trips

Time for some Adventure & Fun!

Are you looking for an exciting and reenergizing mini vacation to have a remarkable and unforgettable experience? How about taking some time off with your family and friends and embark on an enthralling journey into the stunning and refreshing Abrolhos Islands? If yes, then back your bags and get ready for some adventure and a delightful experience that awaits you!

Abrolhos Islands Fishing Charters

We offer you an amazing trip in the Abrolhos Islands fishing charters where you will be offered a variety of fun-filled and exhilarating activities that will refresh your minds and souls. The Abrolhos Islands are one of the most beautiful and eye-pleasing Islands that Australia has to offer, something that you really don’t want to miss out on!

Whether it is swimming beneath the crystal clear water surface of the incredible Island, the delicious breakfast and coffee or the fishing holiday that you get to experience, all of it is utterly relaxing and reinvigorating.

Our Offerings

We offer live-aboard accommodation featuring meals, rods, gear, bait and tackle on our Western Australia fishing trips. If you are crazy about fishing or want to try it for the first time, we have it all planned for you! Our crew will help you in the fishing and bag and freeze the fish for you thereby making it a totally fun experience. Continue reading

Hair & Beauty in Pyrmont

Brainchild of award winning hairdresser Chantal Haberland, Synergy Hair & Beauty is a hairdresser in Pyrmont that features an incredibly talented team of stylists and colourists.

Chantal’s passion for hairdressing can be seen through her impressively diverse career, which boasts educating hairdressing crowds around Australia & New Zealand, working on Fashion Week in London, Paris and Milan and offering her skills in such events as The Oscars, MTV Music Awards and David Jones Fasion Week.

With all these incredible achievements up her sleeve, Chantal truly appreciates the uniqueness of each client and is eager to share her wonderful teams talents with you.

So what are you waiting for?

Call us today to discuss your dream colour, cut or upstyle and be the subject of hair-envy at every special occasion!


The Correct Way to Outsource Services to a Virtual Team

Organizing virtual teams are gaining popularity due to its effectiveness in streamlining costs without compromising productivity. Virtual teams are composed of people who work online from remote locations, often across geographically dispersed regions as India and the Philippines. People who make up these virtual teams go by many names; Virtual Assistant, freelancer, telecommuter or home based worker.

In a study conducted on US companies that used virtual teams yielded the following numbers:

  • 13% increase in productivity
  • US$1,900 cost savings per head
  • Virtual teams make up 30-45% of US companies; in 2011 it was 15% to 20%.

If the largest US companies are finding success with virtual teams, small business should be more confident implementing the strategy in their development plan. But how do you outsource services to a virtual team, in Australia?

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