BBQ’s – Take your outdoor grilling to the next level

imagesTo the real enthusiast of the outdoors meal, the BBQ or “Barbie” as we call it here in oz is about the most happening piece of equipment outside of the house that there could be. And if there’s anything that’s more important than the barbecue grill, it’s the steak that sizzles on top of it.When most people think of a barbecue, they think of ribs, chicken wings, kebabs, pork, burgers – you know the drill. How about lettuce or poundcake? As strange as it might seem to think of these items as part of a great smoky outdoors barbecue, more people than you could imagine have tried these and found that they go remarkably well on a grill. The thing is, people know how to grill all your standard barbecue stuff. Once in a while, throwing something unconventional on there – pizza, fruit or anything else – it can be such a remarkable surprise, you are sure to win over new converts with your sense of theater and adventure. Here are a few expert ideas on how to turn your grill over to a few new foods.

Learning how to grill is important; but working with the right raw materials is even more so. You need to be able to start with the right cuts of meat that have exactly the right right kind of texture and are likely to cook well. Certain kinds like a round steak, really need tenderizing before they are ready for the barbecue grill. Other than the round steak though, mostly every other cut of the beef is usually perfect for the barbecue grill just as long as you don’t pick a piece with too much gristle or bone.

How about something unconventional – seafood? Grilling mussells has become quite trendy these days. On a woodfired barbecue grill, the smokiness adds to the flavor of these crustaceans in a remarkable way. If a gas grill is all you have though, that wouldn’t be anything to be bothered about either. If you’re wondering about how to grill mussels to the best effect, start by opening each one, coating them in olive oil and a few spices. Prepare this mixture with the juice of a couple of lemons, a clove of crushed garlic, a little bay seasoning, a cup and half of olive oil, salt and pepper and a handful of chopped parsley. Toss the opened mussels in this mixture and throw them on their grill. They’ll cook well in their own juices. Once they are nicely done, coat them in the rest of the dressing you have

There is quite a debate that follows barbecue enthusiasts everywhere to do with the question of the fat on a piece of beef. The question of where you stand on how much fat is right has a lot to say about how your beef comes out tasting in the end. Of course, you can trim off a little extra fat if you want to, but other than that, the more fat you leave on the meat the better. The fat will melt in the heat. What it will leave behind is a lipsmacking flavor that there is no getting over. The only case where fat can be a problem is when someone needs their steak done rare. In all other cases, the fat can just melt away and leave only flavor behind.

Learning how to grill isn’t just about buying the right cut of steak and leaving it on the grill though. You have seen all the spices and seasonings that they line up on the store shelves, haven’t you? Finding the best seasonings to rub into your steak can bring out a delicious flavor. If you are using cuts of beef that aren’t as tender as you would like them, you could tenderize them using marinade. Cooking steak means working with very high heat, usually. If you want a well-done steak though, you’ll have to start with low heat. These are directions you can use to throw a real party. Make sure that you start all your steaks at the same time so that the convivial atmosphere isn’t compromised on.