Blue Mountains Outdoor Adventures

Blue Mountains Adventures

If you are ever in Sydney, Australia, there is one place you will need or must visit, it’s got to be the popular Blue Mountains.

Since much of the mountain range is now a protected area that contains parks and is a popular tourist destination for hiking, climbing and canyoning, you might consider taking a trip down to this national park and experience, in your own words.

Visiting the Blue Mountains National Park is one way to experience what Sydneys west has to offer. This beautiful well-preserved wilderness in undeveloped destinations that stretches over 11,400 square klms has everything you may need to get away from the big city and enjoy the great outdoors and perhaps even take part in some outdoor adventue activites.

If you love hiking and horseback trailing, some of the tours available tours will leave you breathless and looking forward to doing it all over again. With hundreds of miles to enjoy these activities in addition to many wilderness camping areas, get to enjoy tranquility and nature at its best.

Canyoning in the blue mountains can be a great way to spend the day, you can abseil down waterfalls, wade through rivers, and shuffle along rocky ledges, you are certain to have an amazing experience.
Blue Mountains adventures are for all ages and finesses, take a 3 day hike and camp under the stars, abseil down some real scary cliff faces, or try rock climbing for an hour or two, all under the supervision of your qualified guide of course! there are so many activities for the visitor you really could try something different every day of your visit!