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Numismatic Coins



This Australia Kangaroo Gold Coin was shot on a black background and held with a white glove.The term numismatics is actually a subsidiary study on the information that is contained in coins. The numismatic study of a coin seeks to identify the history of a coins origin by determining the place of issue, date of issue, the sovereign that issued it and also the value it carried during its use. The information that is obtained from these coins is then used to pinpoint the political, social and economy structure that the coin was placed in.

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The Correct Way to Outsource Services to a Virtual Team

Organizing virtual teams are gaining popularity due to its effectiveness in streamlining costs without compromising productivity. Virtual teams are composed of people who work online from remote locations, often across geographically dispersed regions as India and the Philippines. People who make up these virtual teams go by many names; Virtual Assistant, freelancer, telecommuter or home based worker.

In a study conducted on US companies that used virtual teams yielded the following numbers:

  • 13% increase in productivity
  • US$1,900 cost savings per head
  • Virtual teams make up 30-45% of US companies; in 2011 it was 15% to 20%.

If the largest US companies are finding success with virtual teams, small business should be more confident implementing the strategy in their development plan. But how do you outsource services to a virtual team, in Australia?

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Pawn shops go upscale and online


pawnbroker sydney imageWhen someone mentions pawnshops to you, you think of one of those run-down little shops with big signs that say Pawn (or Checks Cashed)? The reality is it doesn’t work that way. Pawn shops don’t have to be about poor people scraping the barrel for something for the next meal on the table or a bottle of grog from the wino. Pawn shops have gone upscale and online. More often the fashionable upscale people who use them call them the secured loans business. Continue reading

Cyber Security for your Small Business

cyber securityYou hear a lot about cyber crimes and cyber attacks these days. As a small business owner, you live life just one attack away from complete disaster. How do you make sure that no one targets you?

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Advertising Online for Small Businesses

internet  businessNow that the Internet has become the most important way by which small businesses can advertise, it’s pretty safe to say that everything about marketing is changed. The playing field has been made more level. And it isn’t just the advertisers who have changed in preferring the Internet as their advertising medium of choice. They could hardly do this if the buying public preferred another medium. Continue reading