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The best wedding photography locations in Australia

Australia is synonymous for captivating and photogenic locations. so therefore if you’re tying the wedding knot at any point in the near future, here are a couple hypnotizing spots to consider.

Hyde Park, Sydney: Though it sounds a bit cliche, yet the Hyde Park in Sydney is a quintessential Sydney spot and photos are basically in wonder at these spots. The trails and fountains here are shot perfectly, be it the night or day and the immortal CBD landmarks makes their capturing vicinity felt in the photos.

Government Park, Balmain, New South Wales: The Federal Park is home to some legendary spots like the Harbor Bridge, World Heritage Site, Opera House and a couple of others. Without a doubt, Sydney is home to a thorough array of photogenic and grand settings for your ceremony. When you are in Sydney, you absolutely can’t pass up a major opportunity for the Federal Park which is cited in Balamain, an inter-west suburban area. Picture takers have a delightful time covering the ANZAC Bridge shots and the CBD horizon.

Vaucluse, New South Wales: Vaucluse is very wealthy and houses hundreds of advanced and also exotic urban structures and abundance of estate. Couples of these estate churn out millions in real estate makers. This Sydney suburb is around 8 kilometers far from CBD and has capturing scenes and landscapes with abundance views of of McKell Park, Macquarie Lighthouse, Chris Bang Crescent and Green Point Reserve.

Barossa Valley, South Australia: The striking Barossa Valley is an unceasingly mainstream spot for lover birds and would-be lover birds. The wine center here is overflowing with some swish yet natural backgrounds that makes your photographing experience an unforgetable one.

Treasury and Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne, Victoria: If you need your ceremony photographs to be abundant with greenery, then Treasury Gardens is a great option. Wedding photography in Fitzroy Gardens in Melbourne is the ideal spot for your big day.  You don’t require a permit and there is so much foliage to use as a background that it’s sure to look stunning. Both gardens are cited off the Wellington Parade of the famous Melbourne Central Business District.

Shire of Augusta-Margaret River, Western Australia: The Shire of Augusta-Margaret River is home to little plantations and family vineyards and additionally the Leeuwin Naturaliste National Park and the Geographe Bay. Thus, your wedding photographs are certain to have that touch of some extraordinary beatifications.

Fremantle, Western Australia: Freemantle in Perth is yet another hypnotizing area for some great photos of your ceremony. Perth is additionally home to the serene Swan River and its quieting landscape. Drive further around 20 kilometers toward the southwest and you will be fascinated with the magnanimous heritage building design that makes Freemantle a paradise for wedding photography lovers.

Fixing up car body scratches at home

scratchDings and scratches on your car are always going to happen no matter how careful you are,there are always keys, other car doors, shopping carts, tree branches –all manner of things conspiring to keep your car’s finish from looking showroom-fresh. Sometimes the scratches are shallow, and they don’t go through every layer of paint to get to the substrate. At other times, they’re just that deep. Perhaps the best kind of scratches are the non-scratches – they look really deep and black, but turn out Continue reading