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Western Australian fishing trips

Time for some Adventure & Fun!

Are you looking for an exciting and reenergizing mini vacation to have a remarkable and unforgettable experience? How about taking some time off with your family and friends and embark on an enthralling journey into the stunning and refreshing Abrolhos Islands? If yes, then back your bags and get ready for some adventure and a delightful experience that awaits you!

Abrolhos Islands Fishing Charters

We offer you an amazing trip in the Abrolhos Islands fishing charters where you will be offered a variety of fun-filled and exhilarating activities that will refresh your minds and souls. The Abrolhos Islands are one of the most beautiful and eye-pleasing Islands that Australia has to offer, something that you really don’t want to miss out on!

Whether it is swimming beneath the crystal clear water surface of the incredible Island, the delicious breakfast and coffee or the fishing holiday that you get to experience, all of it is utterly relaxing and reinvigorating.

Our Offerings

We offer live-aboard accommodation featuring meals, rods, gear, bait and tackle on our Western Australia fishing trips. If you are crazy about fishing or want to try it for the first time, we have it all planned for you! Our crew will help you in the fishing and bag and freeze the fish for you thereby making it a totally fun experience. Continue reading

Things to do on the sunshine coast Queensland

The sunshine coast has so many attractions its difficult to decide what to do first! the beaches are fabulous, there’s plenty of good restaurants, loads of shops and lots of friendly locals. A great base to explore the Sunshine Coast is Moolooaba it has a wonderful beach whether you want to surf, swim, play, walk and enjoy the view, or just chill out. Continue reading

Last minute air-fares & Accomodation

There is something comforting about trying to hunt down the best fare on the Internet, Most people plan their vacations ahead of time – way, way far ahead of time – but there are times when something comes up at the last minute. there is at least a little glamour still that surrounds the idea of flying, and there is just so much public clamor about getting the best fare that it can turn into a sport for some looking for the best prices on last minute air tickets. We have all heard of how there are people who hooked on this Continue reading

A Caribbean Cruise or Honeymoon?

caribbean cruise shipThe turquoise waters shimmer up at you from your perch at the rails of the Caribbean cruise lines ship and you shout and cheer along with the other thousands of passengers at the fabulous port of call. The white sand beaches beckon so you take the guided excursion tour off your Caribbean cruise lines ship and thus begins your adventure.

Salsa and calypso music and drums Continue reading

Choosing vacation accomodation

vacation rentalsMost people plan vacations a head of time – way, way far ahead of time – but there are times when something comes up at the last minute. If you are burned out at work, or perhaps your spouse looks like he or she is about to have a nervous breakdown, it might be time for a quickie trip over a weekend so that everyone can get away and relax. Picking where to go can be easy, but finding somewhere to stay may not be quick as Continue reading