Cyber Security for your Small Business

cyber securityYou hear a lot about cyber crimes and cyber attacks these days. As a small business owner, you live life just one attack away from complete disaster. How do you make sure that no one targets you?

Well, you do the same thing you do when you want to hide from muggers in a dangerous neighbourhood – you keep a low profile. And we aren’t talking about installing antivirus software.

A lot of small business owners think that since they don’t have the kind of resources needed to maintain an IT department or a lot of other business processes, but they’ll just move their business online – to the cloud. If they could outsource stuff, move to cloud-based services and so on, it would be the job of those experts to make sure that no cyber crimes occur, right? They are much better equipped in all ofthis, they feel. Well, not that this is a bad idea.

It’s just that think about it – the cloud services and the hosting services – they just charge you a few dollars a month. They’re not going to put that much effort into it. You have to take care of your own problems. It doesn’t do you any good to just depend on other people.

Okay, let’s get back to keeping a low profile. Whatever computers you use at your business, you want to make sure that they are completely clean. Don’t just use your computers in out-of-the-box state. Those are likely to be filled with all kinds of trial programs and applications.

The more stuff you have on your business computers, the more there is risk of a vulnerability somewhere. Not every program out there is well-programmed. The leaner you can run your office computers, the better it will be in general for all concerned.

When a consumer bank account is hacked into, the bank will typically treat the victim with sympathy and refund the money. This does not happen with business customers. Your liability as a small business owner is very high. If your online bank account or anything is hacked into, you’re on your own. It would be a very good idea to make sure is that whatever computers or smart phones have credit card or banking information at your place of business, that those machines are used for nothing else.

If you run a small business, and you have an honest line of work, you’ll find that cyber security threats can really ruin your world. Not just because you’re not all that able to handle a loss of funds or something. It’s because as a small business owner, you’re probably not in a position to deploy all kinds of security protection on your system. Your business is not big enough to afford a full IT department.

Those criminals are actually on the lookout for you. They actually employ people called flaw finders who look for small business systems. When they find one, they look for all kinds of customer credit card information, they sell this information to card cloners who will create fake credit cards and so on.

In the end, keeping up-to-date backups of everything is a good idea. Cloud-based services would be excellent.