Landscaping tips and ideas

If you love greenery, some good landscaping ideas can involved creeping vines and anything that they may wrap or grow around. Some people like to have ivy on their home or growing up on their fences, which would be an idea if you like that look. You can find metal objects in various shapes made just for this reason. You can also use things you may already have like old wheelbarrows or anything else you think would make an interesting lawn ornament once the vines have grown around it.

You can also buy pre-planted set of flowers that are already started and that are put together for a stunning visual effect as easy landscaping ideas. All you have to do is dig where you think they would go best. You can line walkways or driveways, or you can make a path through your lawn with odd shaped, flat rocks and then line that path with the flowers. Simply dig and plant, as the flowers come out with roots intact, pack the earth down. It is that simple. You then just have to make sure they have enough water and you should be good to go.

Good landscaping, as the real estate magazines will tell you constantly, will easily raise the price your house and will fetch on the market when it’s time to sell. Apparently, landscaping can add 5% to the value of your house. Well, about 5% or more is what you will have to spend on the landscaping in the first place if you choose a professional landscaping company. And even if you don’t want to overdo things to that extent, you should typically expect the professional people to charge at least $10,000 for a proper job. Well, how do you get affordable landscaping done?

The thing is, beautiful landscaping doesn’t look that way just because of a professional landscaper’s skills. It can look beautiful also because well, it’s pretty hard to get nature to do anything that isn’t beautiful. Just a reasonable amount of planning and care should quickly achieve extremely pleasing results. Of course, if you do it by himself, it could take a little time. But affordable landscaping really is possible if you are willing to put in a bit of elbow grease.

So what kind of money are we talking about here?

Well, typically, it shouldn’t take more than $1000 or so – half of which will go on the plants, trees and saplings that you buy. What do you do with the other $500? Well, you do need to prepare the soil, don’t you? Amending your soil with all manner of additives should be a great idea for instance. Compost, fertilizer and just plain good soil can be great. Buying quality soil can cost about $25 a square yard. You can save money for that are the real important parts of the garden.

But you could save a little money on the plants. You do get free plants all over the place. For instance, look up and visit demolition sites in your city. Not only can you get free plants, you can get landscaping material – bricks, flags and so on. Your city is interested in putting some greenery in their always giving away free trees and plants. Be sure some of it ends up in your garden