How to grow organic veggies at home

Does organic food have to be trendy, upscale and precious? Does it always have to be about taking your BMW down to Whole Foods for something as unlikely sounding as an organic lettuce for money that could essentially feed your family for a whole day?

Crazy as it sounds many thousands do exactly that and frankly there is no need, if you have a backyard, you can grow your own organic superfoods very inexpensively. Continue reading

Things to do on the sunshine coast Queensland

The sunshine coast has so many attractions its difficult to decide what to do first! the beaches are fabulous, there’s plenty of good restaurants, loads of shops and lots of friendly locals. A great base to explore the Sunshine Coast is Moolooaba it has a wonderful beach whether you want to surf, swim, play, walk and enjoy the view, or just chill out. Continue reading

Fixing up car body scratches at home

scratchDings and scratches on your car are always going to happen no matter how careful you are,there are always keys, other car doors, shopping carts, tree branches –all manner of things conspiring to keep your car’s finish from looking showroom-fresh. Sometimes the scratches are shallow, and they don’t go through every layer of paint to get to the substrate. At other times, they’re just that deep. Perhaps the best kind of scratches are the non-scratches – they look really deep and black, but turn out Continue reading

Last minute air-fares & Accomodation

There is something comforting about trying to hunt down the best fare on the Internet, Most people plan their vacations ahead of time – way, way far ahead of time – but there are times when something comes up at the last minute. there is at least a little glamour still that surrounds the idea of flying, and there is just so much public clamor about getting the best fare that it can turn into a sport for some looking for the best prices on last minute air tickets. We have all heard of how there are people who hooked on this Continue reading

A Caribbean Cruise or Honeymoon?

caribbean cruise shipThe turquoise waters shimmer up at you from your perch at the rails of the Caribbean cruise lines ship and you shout and cheer along with the other thousands of passengers at the fabulous port of call. The white sand beaches beckon so you take the guided excursion tour off your Caribbean cruise lines ship and thus begins your adventure.

Salsa and calypso music and drums Continue reading

BBQ’s – Take your outdoor grilling to the next level

imagesTo the real enthusiast of the outdoors meal, the BBQ or “Barbie” as we call it here in oz is about the most happening piece of equipment outside of the house that there could be. And if there’s anything that’s more important than the barbecue grill, it’s the steak that sizzles on top of it.When most people think of a barbecue, they think of Continue reading

Advertising Online for Small Businesses

internet  businessNow that the Internet has become the most important way by which small businesses can advertise, it’s pretty safe to say that everything about marketing is changed. The playing field has been made more level. And it isn’t just the advertisers who have changed in preferring the Internet as their advertising medium of choice. They could hardly do this if the buying public preferred another medium. Continue reading

Yoga Teacher Training

yoga poseWhat does starting a yoga studio of your own sound like? Yoga may look like it is nothing but relaxing the mind and gaining inner strength; but as any practitioner of yoga knows, it takes a tremendous amount of dedication and hard work to really learn the art. And the same can be said for running a business based on this fitness principle as well. Continue reading

Choosing vacation accomodation

vacation rentalsMost people plan vacations a head of time – way, way far ahead of time – but there are times when something comes up at the last minute. If you are burned out at work, or perhaps your spouse looks like he or she is about to have a nervous breakdown, it might be time for a quickie trip over a weekend so that everyone can get away and relax. Picking where to go can be easy, but finding somewhere to stay may not be quick as Continue reading

Tips for choosing an online education course

online computerThese days you’ll find that more and more students are opting to take online courses instead of showing up to lectures in person. When online schools first opened, most people looked at them in wonder but then never really thought about paying to go to school in such a fashion. In the early years of online education, there were questions as to how good of an education you can get through the Internet, and even if employers would take such a degree seriously. Things have changed since those early days, and more people than ever are getting a great education through their online connection. Continue reading