Seo: Consultants or DIY

SEO, or “search engine optimisation” we’ve all heard of it, some of us have attempted it but one thing that runs true is how to do it properly or will a seo consultant do it better or ethically?

Some people can study up on SEO on their own and do a pretty good job without any extra help. It often depends on how much time you have to devote to this. Others find that hiring a writer with SEO experience can help them get the right search engine keywords working for their site, and can also place articles online that drive traffic to the site as well. Do it on your own, or hire some help. Either way, done correctly, SEO can make your site more visible than ever, leaving you wondering why you didn’t do it sooner.

To do it yourself , learn about keywords if you want to get quality traffic. People search for terms in relation to what they want to see or find online. This means you have to use those terms in your articles on your site if you want visitors to find you through a search engine. Keep in mind that most websites are found through search engines, so this is very important. If you have very little text on your website, there is not much there for the search engines to index.

Linking is also important if you want to get some quality traffic to your website. You have to find ways to get links to your site out there on the Internet. This is tricky, because you are not going to get quality traffic if you put them in the wrong place. Placing a link on a site about bowling is not going to do you much good if you are selling baby cribs. Look for sites that are like yours and see if they would agree to swap links with you. That way their visitors can come your way if they want to keep looking around. You also have to be careful not to ‘spam’ as well, as that will not get you the quality traffic you are looking for and also get you banned!

Seo consultants and agencies may be the only choice for people with no idea or the resources to do it yourself however the quality of optimisation they provide can be questionable, there are many companies who guarantee page 1 results, but in reality this is usually a red flag, you may acheave good results from these services but they are generally short-lived and your ranking will drop after time which will require you to invest more in your optimisation.

Consider using a seo consultant in your area who has a good reputation and can assure you that the quality of work is checkable and also reversible too, if he stuffs up some links you really need to be able to delete them so it does not harm your website in the future. A quick Google search for a service in your area, something like, seo consultant Australia will produce a lot of companies offering the service, choose wisely though, its your online reputation your playing with!