Yoga Teacher Training

yoga poseWhat does starting a yoga studio of your own sound like? Yoga may look like it is nothing but relaxing the mind and gaining inner strength; but as any practitioner of yoga knows, it takes a tremendous amount of dedication and hard work to really learn the art. And the same can be said for running a business based on this fitness principle as well.

yoga certification programs abound everywhere,you go to the Yoga Alliance – an education and support organization that oversees education in yoga. And you can look for a qualified teacher.

In order to earn a yoga teacher training certificate at level one would require 200 hours of study. You should beware of organizations that write out diplomas indiscriminately. If you are not held to high standards, then you can expect that your yoga teacher training program is not really up to it.

Remember that the minimum number of hours to complete level-one training is 200 hours. If an organization certifies you with less than that number of hours under your belt then you might want to consider a different yoga teacher training program completely.

Yoga, the holistic mind and body training regimen descended from ancient Indian philosophy has, in recent years, really entered the mainstream. Expert practitioners have found that there is a real market in Australia for fitness yoga instruction. Yoga may have started off as a kind of free donation-only business; these days though, yoga in Australia is a $1 billion industry. If you have an eye on what a yoga business can do for you, you need to understand that the whimsical new-agey exterior any yoga studio that you visit seems to possess is only show. A yoga business isn’t about some completely un-materialistic philosophy. Getting ahead in the yoga business requires exactly the same hard-nosed business acumen as any other business.

The first thing you need to do getting into the fitness yoga business would be to gain the right kind of certification – one that will allow you to practice as an instructor. When it comes to teaching standards in yoga, the Yoga Alliance is the body that sets the standards for the country. Make sure that you get certification from some institution that has Yoga Alliance affiliation. It may not be mandatory, but it simply makes good business sense, and certification like this can inspire confidence in your students. If you wish to run a yoga school not for regular students but for students who aspire to the teachers, you need to apply for registered yoga school certification. These do require a fee; but typically, it tends to be quite affordable.

And then comes the part where you need to think about how to run the actual business of a yoga studio. One of the first things you need to decide on should be what you can expect to earn with such a This is a very demanding industry that requires dedication and skill.

Your yoga teacher training program should reflect that in its teachings. The program should also prepare you to teach yoga in a number of different places and circumstances. You should be prepared whether you are working one-on-one or with a group of individuals in a public place.